Friday, February 15, 2013

Scripture Memory Presentation

This week at Kajijis, I led a simple workshop on scripture memory.  Since I delivered it via Powerpoint, I thought I would try to upload it to the blog here so those not in attendance can still benefit from the tips presented.  The presentation has links in it, but they don't show up as links in the presentation so I will list them below. I want to caution you that this is my very first Powerpoint presentation ever so please forgive my amateur delivery.  Remember everyone's learning style is different so not all of these tips will be your way to scripture memorization success.  Do what works for you!  Hopefully, it will be beneficial to you on your journey to hiding God's Word in your heart.

Slide #4 - John Piper's Why Memorize Scripture? video
Slide #11 - Bible Gateway audio narration (very cool feature where you can listen to a person narrate your chosen scripture)
Slide #12 - YouTube example
Slide #14 - Scripture Typer (If you know your way around a keyboard, you must try this!  Amazing tool...)
Slide #15 - SCM Scripture Memory Box System video
Slide #16 - The Easy Way to Memorize Scripture video

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