Friday, February 15, 2013

Born Again

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes so has this little blog of ours been reborn.  God works differently through us in different stages of life, and it hasn't been until now that it's been impressed mightily on my heart to pick up His Word and commit it to memory.  Because we are going through the latest Beth Moore study of James, we were challenged to memorize the book of James.  Yes, the Whole. Book. Of. James.  So now, after many failed attempts at committing a verse here and there to memory, I've been challenged to memorize an entire book of the Bible.  Talk about jumping into the deep end when you're not even sure you know how to swim!  So come join us on an adventure of knowing by heart the sacred words of God.  Even if it's not an entire book, you are welcome to join with us on this journey.  Let us know what you're studying/memorizing so we can encourage each other on this path.  Amen?

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